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Colonel's Leadership Council partners with with clients to design programs and curricula to achieve key measurable outcomes while strengthening the performance level of the individuals involved. 


Our leadership development services can be rolled out company-wide or on an individual basis. We provide ongoing education as well as one-time support, offering wisdom and guidance via workshops, keynote speeches, coaching services, and consulting at all organizational levels. Bottom line, our approach to leadership development yields career and life-changing results for our clients.

CLC provides a wide range of services. You can click on a specific service below to learn more.


Designed for anyone who wants to lead or is leading at any level today.

1-on-1 Coaching

Personalized coaching to enhance the performance of individuals and teams they lead.


Achieve key measurable outcomes within your organization.


Take CLC's Leadership Assessment and receive a FREE 15 minute consultation.


Develop your students, athletes, and coaches into world-class leaders on and off the field.


What will you find on the other side of hard work and determination?

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