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One-on-One Executive Leadership Coaching helps an individual develop exceptional leadership skills, resolve issues related to managing and performing, and create greater vision and direction to lead more consistently and effectively. Team coaching aims to create a well-functioning and highly effective team, based on improved communication and accountability. Team coaching includes one-on-one coaching as well as facilitated group coaching. Leadership consulting encompasses design and delivery of customized programs in leadership development, talent development, organizational development, team dynamics, and strategy.


"I had struggled in my career to find a process and chain of reasoning that would help support me in making critical decisions. Coach Dean and Colonel's Leadership Council shined a bright light on the issues I was trying to get my arms around. I already had many of the tools I needed - but I didn't know which tools I should be using and how. Coach Dean helped me understand how to use those tools efficiently, how to organize my thoughts and approach to compartmentalize the business issues, and how to instill a sense of discipline using the military's decision making process to begin to uncover specific and actionable alternatives. I was able to accomplish more in 6 months with Coach Dean than I was able to do without him in 5 years."
-- Brian | Financial Service Executive | New England --
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