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Army leadership prior to 2001 used a philosophy called Battle Command. The Commander was the center of gravity and not only dictated who, what, where, why and when but HOW to accomplish the mission.

Our world changed after 9/11 and is now one of continual change, disruption and challenge. Not only in the military but also where we work, live, and play. The Army evolved to a philosophy called Mission Command taking this into account. Corporations have also evolved from paternalism to empowerment to motivate performance.


Mission Commands produces agile, adaptive, creative and critical thinking, initiative taking Soldiers and Leaders at all levels. These same people also have the ability to figure out HOW to accomplish the mission and are empowered with the tools to do so.

Army Make Ready


We have distilled the best of Mission Command and our civilian leadership experience to develop the Leaders ACT Compass as a framework to empower leaders at all levels to thrive in all conditions.

Leaders ACT Compass
Leaders ACT Compass
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