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Why Leadership Development?

The research is indisputable and the fact still remains; over 60% of new managers/supervisors fail to meet their performance expectations in the first-year following their promotion.

We have all experienced the results of non-transitioned leadership; micromanagement, leaders taking credit for the work of their direct reports, lack of trust of the capabilities of their direct reports, no delegation, direct reports not receiving coaching or development, low engagement scores, unclear goals, miscommunication and unmet business results, etc.

The Colonel's Leadership Council was designed to help individuals and organizations overcome these challenges. Learn more about our team, foundation, framework, and mission below.


Mission Statement

To maximize competencies of organizational leaders and those who aspire to lead.

Design. Grow. Lead.

Vision Statement

Maximized leaders are ones of high character, resiliency, and adaptability, agility along with being creative and critical thinkers.

End State

These leaders build high performing teams that influence sustained success.

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Mission Commands produces adaptive, creative and critical thinking leaders at all levels.


What are people saying about Colonel's Leadership Council? Find out below.

Our Team

Our experienced team has led staffs, companies, platoons, companies and teams.

Our Clients

Who do we serve? Take a look at the wide variety of companies and industries.

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